apple green….

….is like mana from heaven.  It’s fake Pink Berry.  Please look it up and go there because it is amazing.  I’m really not an ice cream person, so yoghurt is perfect.  Plus their website is ridiculously easy to find.  Smart.

Anyways, today was the last day of school before two weeks of break, yay.  I’ve got lots of plans:

– laser tag with college friends (like Galen)
– work in order to buy new laptop ( for those of you that don’t know the computer situation, can’t imagine who doesn’t)
– trip to Boulder to see CU Boulder
– english reading (Paradise Lost and Pride and Prejudice, sweetness)
– homework (AP Bio packet and AP Art History packet)
– movies?
– some other stuff



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while Z is away

So yeah, bf is in France.  Poo on that.  He’s having fun, though, and we’ve randomly been able to speak to each other in the past couple days.  He’ll be back around the first, which can’t come soon enough.  He told me that all the guys are lovesick right now (all three of the ones on the trip have girlfriends back here), which made me and my friend-who-likes-Amy-Winehouse go aw!

I’ve really come to like Z.  Like, a lot more than I thought I would ever end up liking him.  Gosh if he reads this, hahah.  Anywho, yeah.  I’ve trained him well, too.  It’s kinda awesome, like we went through a rough patch for a few weeks, but now that we’re both less stressed and stuff, we’ve grown a lot closer.  We’re really good friends and I love hanging out with him.  I have too much free time without him around.  I kinda don’t know what to do with myself.

Which made me decide to make new friends while Z is away.  I know, fourth quarter senior, shush.

I am making more of an effort to hang out with my girlfriends, which is really awesome.  Just these past two weeks my friend Charlotte and I have grown a lot closer.  And I’m sorta hanging out with Z’s best friend now?  More on that after he, Charlotte, and I play Risk next week during break (a popular game among my bf and his boyfriends right now).

I also made friend with all the kids in my choir, since we went on our trip to San Fransisco last weekend.  Seriously, I actually talk to them now, which makes me feel a lot better knowing people don’t just hate me for getting the lead in the musical.

And I’ve made friends with a bunch of my senior classmates, so now I have people to hang out with in the senior lounge or during lunch when Z is not around.

Finally, since my sister is not around, I’ve made friends with one of our dogs (our puppy Snoopy).  He’s sleeping on my lap right now.  Basically as soon as I get home from school he is clawing at my leg, asking for a hug or treat, or chasing me around the house.  He’s a cutie.  Picture?   Once I find hosting.

(Damn Blogger just hosts my pictures for me mmmmgrrrlfgrbastards.)

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See that? That’s the obligatory first post you get every time you make a wordpress blog.

Cause wow I’m not using Blogger for this one? Aye, <a href=””>click here, please.</a>

Anyways this is going to be completely random and a lot more personal than my WoW blog, because, obviously, I can’t just talk about everything on my hunter site. And because I want to tell funny real life stories, like the one where my friend L saran wrapped my entire car while I was in class the other day. And I want to give more online love and devotion to my boyfriend Z, because being like “omg i l u!” all over my WoW blog is a little tmi for that company.

Explanation aside, I am a full-time student in sunny Southern California. I’ve recently applied to college, haven’t figured out where I’m going to go yet, though, and I am planning on majoring in either musical theater or art and design (depending on the school). I drive a white car that I rarely wash, but it gets awesome gas mileage. I have an interesting collective of friends. I am big on music (and hate reggae). I really like to talk, about pretty much anything, to anyone.

And eventually (like in two weeks, hopefully—reason why to come at a later date) I want to start video blogging and add that to the mix, cause it sounds really interesting. And frankly, my stories are always funnier when people can see the wild hand movements and facial expressions I make. Yeah, laugh at what I look like, not what I’m saying, right?

So that’s sort of the summary of this.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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